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I am a forever student of real estate and deeply enjoy sharing what I have learned through my personal experiences, my studies and through meeting others who are farther along in the journey than me. I have been blessed to meet amazing people who have poured into me and I embrace paying it forward to the people that I meet.

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Exploring Real Estate Investing As A Traveling Realtor With Amanda Williams

  One of the great things about real estate investing is how you can do it almost anywhere. Host, Lisa Hylton, sits down
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The Fundamentals Of Real Estate Investing As A Team Sport With Kyle Mitchell

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From Losing $20 million To Helping People Have Control Over Their Retirement Nest Egg With Damion Lupo

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Scaling A Short-Term Rentals Business With The Cash Flow King, J. Massey

  Setting up a successful business requires building a good team and processes. This is especially true and essential in the business
LUR Katherine | Flipping Homes In Hollywood

Flipping Homes In Hollywood With Katherine Nilbrink

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Leveling Up With Assist Living Real Estate Investing With Carolyn CJ Matthews

  Approximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring daily in the United States, and with this comes the need for goods and

Exploring The Cross Section Of Faith And Real Estate Entrepreneurship With Ellis Hammond

  Religion in itself presents a huge network of followers. Blending it positively with entrepreneurship opens a promising world of success
LUR 1 | Level Up REI Podcast

Who is Lisa Hylton and Why This Podcast?

  There is so much to learn about the world of real estate investing. Education, knowledge and taking massive action are