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Each of us faces innumerable obstacles to success, but also an equally innumerable amount of opportunities to create the life that we want. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is their ability to crush their limiting beliefs and adopt a growth mindset. As we enter the new year, we are once more confronted by a choice: do we stagnate where we stand or do we continue to scale summits and level up in business and in life? Lisa Hylton takes a break from the usual format to kick-start The Mindset Series – an examination of how mindset can impact your efforts in real estate and in life. In this episode, she discusses the gems of thought she gathered from Carol Dweck’s bestselling book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” Listen in for some tips to grow your mindset and prepare yourself to level up this 2021.

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The Mindset Series – Crushing Limiting Beliefs

I’m super excited for the month of January, my focus is on mindset. I’m looking down a little bit here and there as I did create some notes for this episode and want to make sure that I cover everything that I would like to say. In February 2020, we will make one year since my show has been going on. I’m super grateful that you’re reading, in general. I hope you enjoy this series on the cross-section of mindset in real estate, how that mindset can impact your life, and crushing those limiting beliefs. That way, you can maximize the life that you truly want to have.

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This episode was inspired by a book called Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck. I was introduced to this book in 2020. I started a business program and this book was in one of the first modules to that program. Coming back and revisiting this book throughout 2020 has been a gem. My decision to doing that program has been impactful for my life as well as my business. Being able to then come full circle in January of 2021 and to feel inclined and moved to talk about the gems that I’ve gotten from this book. Hopefully, it will help you to crush your limiting beliefs and put your life on a trajectory that’s completely different, most importantly, going towards the things that you want to have happened in your life.

The Five Gems

LUR Lisa | Crushing Limiting Beliefs

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Carol Dweck)

In this episode, I’m going to cover five gems that I took from reading this book that I feel will help you to level up your mindset and crush your limiting beliefs. Gem number one is that there are two types of mindsets. When you enter a mindset, you enter a world. Mindsets are beliefs and you can change your mindset and ultimately change what you believe. The first is a fixed mindset. The characteristics of a fixed mindset are success equals proving yourself, validating yourself. You either have what it takes or you don’t. The natural talent and no effort are needed.

On the other side is the growth mindset. A growth mindset equals stretching yourself to learn something new, believing your basic qualities are something that can be cultivated and changed with time through effort, strategies, working with others, and getting help from other people. Then also a willingness to be curious about one’s ability to grow, change and develop. We all have both mindsets all the time. I think the key is bringing awareness to the fact that we naturally have both mindsets and then choosing to deliberately come from a place of a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. Building on that, you might even find those different areas of your life. You might approach with a different mindset, fixed versus growth. Going back to it, having awareness enables you to choose a different perspective, which might then lead to different paths and opportunities, and ultimately a different life altogether.

Gem number two, does failure define you? Is it a permanent setback or a painful experience that doesn’t define you? Under the fixed mindset, failure is permanent and a haunting trauma. This mindset gives you no good recipe for overcoming it when you think of lack of potential as well as just in a bit not competent essentially. Instead of trying to learn, repair their failures under the fixed mindset, people generally want to repair their self-esteem. The way this might look is someone who they’re looking for people who are worse off than them, they’re seeking to assign blame, or they’re making excuses. Great examples of this are, for instance, me taking an exam and not doing well. Accrediting that me not doing well is because of external maybe my teacher didn’t teach this material properly or the school has some bias against me or for whatever different types of reasons, as opposed to thinking about my effort, what other strategies that I could use.

That brings me to the growth mindset. Under the growth mindset, failure is still painful, but it doesn’t define you. It’s a problem to be faced, dealt with, and learned from. When you make a mistake, you take control of the experience and you make it right. In short, when people believe in fixed traits, they’re always in danger of being measured by failure versus when people believe their basic qualities can be developed. Failure will still hurt, but it doesn’t define that. They believe that change and growth are possible. Hence, see many paths to success.

This then brings us to gem number three, which is, do you believe that you either have the ability or you have to put in the effort? Under the fixed mindset, if you have to work at something, you must not be good at it. Things come easily to people who are true geniuses, they’re naturals. An effort is only for people with deficiencies. People with deficiencies have nothing to lose by trying. However, people who are geniuses are natural, they’re talented, have a lot to lose. Effort can reduce you under a fixed mindset. Ultimately, under the fixed mindset, an effort is terrifying for two reasons. One, great geniuses shouldn’t need it. They’re perfect. Number two, it robs you of your excuses because you have to take responsibility for either not showing up or not doing what you needed to do, essentially. Under the growth mindset, even geniuses have to work hard to achieve their achievements. Under the growth mindset, you still appreciate endowment. Natural abilities and genius aspects, but you admire the effort. No matter what your ability is, an effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into an accomplishment.

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On to gem number four, does praising ability and positive labels build confidence? Has someone told you that you are smart, that you’re gifted and talented? Like, “It comes easy for you to do this podcast and talk on this, or be a CFO or whatever.” These praising ability and positive labels push children, students, co-workers, employees, people in general into a fixed mindset because quickly people become mindful of taking on new challenges that could expose their flaws and calling to question their natural abilities. Do you not praise people? Is that what we’re ultimately trying to say here? Not exactly, but cultivating the growth mindset suggests that praising effort and acknowledging what the person did in order to succeed is perhaps a better path. Thinking about it, someone who is, “I can only speak for myself with podcasting,” this is not a natural ability, in my opinion.

I think that my ability to keep continuing to show up and keep continuing to ask better questions and to be a better interviewer. This is my first solo episode. I know it’s not going to be the greatest but saying, “I’m going to keep creating content. I’m going to keep showing up and keep doing this and getting better in taking more strategies.” That aspect, someone seeing that effort and change and then praising from that place is the idea. Why is this important? People under the fixed mindset believe they’re successful because they’re talented and they have the ability. It’s natural when they fail on that exam or maybe they did an episode that’s not good or whatever the case is. It takes a hit on their natural ability, as opposed to when you are telling someone that when an individual is in the growth mindset, they know that they have the ability to change. This isn’t a permanent sentence. It’s more like, “I can continue to grow. I can continue to change and experience different strategies taken at different effort in order to come up with a different result.”

Tips To Grow

Gem number five, which is my final gem. I couldn’t leave you with this episode without at least giving you tips to grow your mindset. Some of the other gems did have it, but this gem serves as a way to summarize some of the ways you can grow your mindset. There are five of them. The first one is people are born with a love for learning, naturally. A fixed mindset to do the desire to learn and the love for learning. Next time, if you run across a challenge or something that’s hard and you feel tired, bored and hungry, and you’re like, “Let me see if I can get out of here.” Picture yourself forming new connections where in your mind, you could figure this stuff out to meet the challenge, learn and keep going.

LUR Lisa | Crushing Limiting Beliefs

Crushing Limiting Beliefs: The next time you’re feeling low, think of effort as a positive and constructive force.


The second one is it’s tempting to create a perfect world with people where you’re surrounded by people who all agree with you and make you feel faultless. Instead, seek to include in your circle of people who will give you constructive criticism because this helps you to keep growing. Number three, reflect on your past experiences. Perhaps, test scores that didn’t go too well, being rejected, or fired. Focus on it and feel the emotions. Look at it from a growth perspective. Look honestly at your role. Understand that it doesn’t define your intelligence or your personality. Ask what did or could you learn from the experience and how could you use it as a basis for growth and carry this with you instead?

Number four, consider how you act when you are depressed. Do you work harder or do you let your life go? Perhaps next time you’re feeling low, think about learning, challenging and confronting obstacles. Think of effort as a positive and constructive force. Lastly, consider there is something that you’ve always wanted to do, but you were afraid that you weren’t good at it. Make a plan and do it. That is all the gems for gem number five. I learnt so much from reading this book. I’m nowhere perfect. I’m not going to be perfect after reading this book, but from reading it, I learned much and I encourage everyone around me to read it. I want to highly encourage you to read it too. There have so much more gems than the ones that I covered. I feel that if you are able to read the book and maybe put some of these things into action in your life, you can totally revolutionize your life.

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The opportunities that you see that most likely already exist, but because of the way you think and your mindset and beliefs, they’re impossible for you to see now. Given that we are at the beginning of the year 2021, that’s one of the main reasons I felt moved to have this episode be my first episode for January, as well as for the theme of January to be about mindset. I feel that mindset is powerful in terms of you manifesting not just real estate, but the life you want complete with a family, partner, business partners, where you want to live, job, career, and everything. It all hinges on your mindset and what you believe is possible for yourself and for your life as well as for the people around you, for your kids, your partner, and all of that, because you’re going to make different decisions based on what you think is possible and what you believe is true for your life.

Remember, we always have these two mindsets with us, but with awareness, we can consciously and intentionally choose to see life differently and to pursue life in a different way. Check out the book. Thank you for reading. I hope that this episode added so much value to your life. I hope that you’re able to read this book and get even more gems than what I was able to provide on this show. Most importantly, I hope the gems that I did provide has touched you in some way that can improve your life for the better and for you to achieve whatever you want to achieve in 2021. Cheers to a happy and prosperous New Year, and keep leveling up.

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