About Us

About us

Our mission

My mission with this platform is to educate, Inspire and provide opportunities for people around the world to invest in Real Estate.

  • To provide exposure and education to the different ways one can play in real estate
  • To inspire you to take action and create the life you truly desire
  • To provide opportunities to invest in real estate
  • To provide you opportunities to network with other like mind people via cash flow game afternoons, meet ups, conferences etc.

Who is Lisa Hylton ?

I am an island girl that was born in Florida and raised in Grand Cayman by hardworking and very dedicated Jamaican parents. My parents each came to Cayman seeking for a better way of life and to create a new future for themselves. Growing up my parents believed in the power of a good education and that was imprinted in my mind. I am super grateful and blessed for them instilling this in me as a child as well as their ability have vision and bring that vision to life.

When my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was already deep in his optic nerves the doctors weighed removing it from that particular area and killing him or leaving it and him dying slowly. The latter option was chosen. During the years that my father was sick neither he or my mother could work consistently.

Yet my two siblings and I still went to good schools and still lived a full life. This was due to their earlier vision to invest in building rental apartments. My father died when I was a junior in college, losing the fight after almost 10 years after his initial diagnosis. In my early 20s I made my first real estate investment when I bought a property I loved without considering the numbers. It broke even the first year and lost money for the 5 years I held the property for. This experience left a bad taste in my mouth to say the least and I was sworn off of real estate.

Then after a ten year audit career spanning Cayman, Boston and then Los Angeles I decided to leave for a job working at an investment manager that raised private equity real estate funds. 6 months in I began to realize that it was truly possible to invest successfully in real estate. This exposure helped me to understand how I grew up and see the vision my parents had many years earlier. At this time, I began my education process of real estate investing and found books, podcasts and platforms such as Biggerpockets, Afford Anything and the Real Wealth Network that expanded my mindset, education and perspectives. I was astonished and inspired by the stories of the people I met through these podcasts.

Currently my preferred real estate asset class is large multifamily investments through the investing strategy of syndication. I invest passively as well as understudy with more experienced investors to invest actively.  I value preservation of capital, buying for cash flow, team work, quality of life, consistency, integrity and clear communication.

I still live in the Los Angeles area and I love it. While there are times that I miss living in Grand Cayman, I love living in Los Angeles because of how big it is! The wide variety of activities, people, places and experiences has fed my creativity and inspired me to dream bigger and create! When I am not investing in real estate I enjoy dancing argentine tango, salsa, reading, spending time with friends, paddleboarding, paddleboard yoga, regular yoga, tennis, scuba diving, cooking, working out, hiking, spending time in wine country, enjoying good food and wine and listening to live jazz.

My Commitment and Values:

I invest for preservation of capital and cash flow

I invest to improve communities and make them better than when I arrived

I value integrity, consistency and transparency

I commit to doing the right things all the time and not just when it is easy