LUR 62 | Podcasting Lessons


Behind every podcast is a podcaster who enriches in experiences and knowledge by immersing in the numerous topics discussed and the guests coming over. To celebrate her one year of podcasting, Lisa Hylton shares six lessons she has learned as the host of The Level Up REI Show, emphasizing on achieving the strong will to move forward whatever it takes. She also expresses gratitude to the people and communities who supported her along the way, caused her growth, and continues to inspire her to be an inspiration herself to others. 

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Lessons Learnt From Podcasting For 1 Year

I’m super excited to come back to you with another solo episode. We are in the month of February 2021. It is Black History Month here in the United States. This month, we’re celebrating two things on this show. One, we’re celebrating Black History Month. As a black female, I want to use this month to focus on the black community. The theme is going to be wealth, real estate and the black community. I will be having episodes featuring three different guests talking about real estate, the black community, and the intersection of building wealth in the community and some of the keys we can have to unlock building wealth. You want to read the episodes this month.   

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After this episode is published the first Tuesday of February, the first Thursday of the month is my conversations with passive investors. It’s with a friend of mine, Edwine and her husband, Jamesley. I’m super excited to bring them because I’ve known them for a long time. They are active real estate investors, but they’re also passively investing. I want to share their story as black immigrants. They are both from Haiti, but they live here in the United States. They are married. They have two kids, two beautiful daughters, how they’ve continued to navigate investing in real estate even during COVID. Also, investing passively and what that looks for them and how they got comfortable, and how they were able to find the different deals. As you maybe know on this show or even on other show I‘ve been a guest on, when you’re thinking about investing passively, one of the key things that I highly recommend for people is that you want to get to know the operator. 

You can get to know them through talking to them, listening to podcasts, books, their website, their presence, and getting around them. What is equally important is getting references, talking to other people who have invested with them. You can get it from them themselves but it’s also great to build a network of passive investors that are people that you know, you can talk to, reach out to. Here I am. On this show, I bring to you not only operators and people who are playing actively in the real estate space, but the passive conversations with passive investors show is to create that network of people that you could potentially reach out to. You could reach out to them because many of them are giving their information that you could reach out to and say, “Have you invested with this person before? What has been your experience?” Take advantage of that. That is what it’s for.  

LUR 62 | Podcasting Lessons

Podcasting Lessons: Build a network of passive investors composed of people you can talk and reach out to.


This is a solo episode because I am celebrating this show for one year. It’s been a whole year. I wanted to create this episode about the lessons I’ve learned from podcasting for the past year to share with you. I hope that it’s impactful for your life. There are six lessons. The first is don’t underestimate the power you have to make a difference. It’s so important. When I started this show, I underestimate it, whether anyone would listen. When I look now at my downloads, which are in the hundreds and climbing, I feel empowered to keep going. I want to share that wherever you are in your life right now, don’t underestimate the power you have to make a difference by sharing your story, by sharing your opinion, by showing up and sharing. From sharing, you’re able to help other people in ways that you probably didn’t even realize they needed help. Sometimes people didn’t even realize that they were thinking about that stuff, but because you created that show, and did that episode with someone or did this solo episode, they got a nugget of information that has helped them to navigate into our life. Leveling up, that’s a part of it. It’s not under underestimating the power you have to make that difference.  

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Number two is getting clear on who you want to serve, how you can add value to them, and how you can focus on helping them get what they need. This is important. This is a lesson I’ve learned from starting this show. Am I perfect at getting super clear on who I’m trying to serve? No. I have a clear idea of who it is that I want to serve. However, as time goes on, you realize, “This is who I’m also attracting. This is who is interested in my content.” You also get better at understanding the people you’re serving and how you can serve them better, what adds value to their lives, what doesn’t add value, and moving from that space. Also, giving yourself a whole ton of grace that sometimes you’re going to need to take a step back to understand, re-understand what it is that you’re trying to do and come from that place.  

LUR 62 | Podcasting Lessons

Podcasting Lessons: Be clear on who you want to serve, how you can add value to them, and how you can focus on helping them get what they need.


Number three is trusting your intuition. It’s important in everything. I also want to speak directly to the women who are reading because a lot of women are guilty of not trusting their intuition. When that small little voice that tells you, “Do this or do that.” That’s inside of you, not other people. That inside, that inner knowing that brings you peace. When you make that decision, it drops in. You’re like, “This is the path.” You take it and you go forward. I highly recommend tapping in. Maybe it’s getting into meditation practice, whatever you need to do to be able to tap into that inner knowing to follow your intuition. Trust your inner knowing that you will know when you need to pick this guest or create the themes. I saw that for me creating this show, the first time I did themes was in October of 2020, about nine months into the show. I came up one day and because I batch my episodes, I looked at all the different people that I had left and I thought, “I know what I could do.” I created it and I followed that intuition. People enjoyed it and I had no idea, but you follow your intuition. I can’t stress that enough.  

Number four is taking action brings clarity. It’s important, coming back to the lesson. For me, it’s making the decision to take the action. This journey started with me being curious about all the different ways I could build a thought leadership platform. I took a course called The Power of Seven with Desiree Doubrox in the fall of 2019. I got exposed to a variety of different things like podcasting, YouTube, writing articles. From that, we did everything. We did podcast, YouTube, videos. After I did that, that’s when I was like, “I like this.” I remember I asked Marie Grasmeier. She was my first guest. I asked her, “Would you be willing to be a guest on my show?” Going back to the lesson on get clear on who you want to serve, my podcast had a different name when I started. The name changed, so the people who you serve changed. Taking action brings clarity because once you start taking the action, you start getting clearer and clearer, and you can start adjusting and making the changes you need to make to be better in alignment with how you can show up and who you’re serving. Serving from the highest place of yourself, and delivering the stuff that is most needed to the people who you’re seeking to have it. 

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Number five, second to last here, is the best time to invest in real estate. Go for that promotion. Start a business, start a podcast, go to school. All of that stuff was like last month, last year or years ago. The next best time is right now. The reason I say this as a lesson is because when I got started, where there a lot of podcasts? Of course. Are there going to be a lot of podcasts after me? Of course. At some point, you need to embrace what it is that you want to do and start. It would have been great if I had started several years ago but this is where you are now. Embrace where you are now, give yourself a ton of grace and say, “What can I do in this moment to take myself going to go forward?” That is super important. I meet people all the time who are thinking about starting different things, and then they get discouraged by so much that has already been done by other people that they feel, number one, they underestimate the power they have to make a difference. They never take any action, which is point number four. You have this situation where the best time to do it would have been XYZ time many years ago. The next best time is right now, so let’s get doing on the things that you want to do. 

LUR 62 | Podcasting Lessons

Podcasting Lessons: A lot of women are guilty of not trusting their intuition.


The last lesson I learned from this show for one-year is don’t underestimate the power of your environment and your community. I would not be here doing this show if I hadn’t met Monick Halm because her program, the Real Estate Investor Goddesses, was instrumental as a part for doing this. You have no idea. It’s one thing to say you’re going to do something, it’s a whole other situation to do it. Someone gave me a journal and I looked at the side of it and it said, “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” There is a lot of truth to that. Sometimes implementation is easy, but a lot of times implementation is hard. Going back to lesson number six, not underestimating the power of your environment and your community, you need support. You need to get around a community of people who are thinking, growing and developing. They have that growth mindset. That mastermind that I was a part of with Monick undoubtedly helped me, because while I had the idea to start the podcast, implementing it was no easy feat, but because I was in that environment and in that community, opportunities came up that gave me the opportunity to get the help and support that I needed. 

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The company that helps me to do my episodes, which is Podetize, I felt like that was a recommendation from out of my Real Estate Investor Goddesses network. Desiree, meeting her, that was also a part of being a part of that mastermind. Many good things have come from being tapped into that community. I’m still connected to that community. It’s important to be a part of communities, environments that help to move you forward. You give in to them without a doubt and be open to receiving as well. Those are the six lessons that I learned from podcasting for one year. It has been an amazing journey meeting all the different guests that I’ve had on my show, going through that process.   

LUR 62 | Podcasting Lessons

Podcasting Lessons: Once you start taking action, align with how you want to show up and which people you want to serve.


These days, as I continue to refine my offerings and to offer more stuff that I feel is more in alignment with what it is that I want to deliver and offer, and then seeing how that lands with the people who are reading, give me feedback, email me at If there are things that you want to learn, topics that you’d like me to cover, by all means. I’m all ears. At the moment, I am working on creating a series specifically focused on passive investors. To the extent that that’s something that interests you, keep staying tuned. If it’s not something that interests you, what I’d love for you to do is drop me an email and share with me some of the things that you feel like you would want to learn from me. I would like to hear from you. I like to be able to continue to serve you in a way that helps you to continue to grow along your journey. Reach out to me. I hope you enjoyed this episode. It’s been an amazing accomplishment to get to one year and keep going strong and be able to provide all this amazing content. I hope it adds value to your life because that’s what I’m here to do is to level up.  

LUR 62 | Podcasting Lessons

Podcasting Lessons: Embrace yourself at the moment to know what you can do moving forward.

To recap on the six things that I learned from podcasting for one year. Number one, don’t underestimate the power. You have to make a difference. Number two, get clear on who you want to serve and add value to them. Focus on what they need. Number three, trust your intuition. Number four, take action. Taking action brings clarity. Number five, the best time to invest. Go for that promotion, start your podcast, start your business. Last month, last year, years ago, but the next best time is right now. Last but not least, don’t underestimate the impact of your environment and your community. Until next time. Check out my website, Check out my series, Passive Investing Made Easy. Until next time, keep leveling up. Bye.   

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