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Have you ever felt that you can’t do a Fund because you are just starting and you don’t have track record?

Or maybe you do have track record but are unsure if Funds are truly the right fit for your business?

Have you ever felt like an imposter when it comes to funds?

Do you have access to great investment opportunities that people you know would love to invest along side you on but you don’t know how to make it happen?

If you said Yes to any of those questions – then this is for you!

Hi! I’m Lisa Hylton and I am a Real Estate Fund Manager, inactive CPA, and experienced finance and accounting professional that was once it your shoes!

My Story

My real estate syndication business started when I launched a fund of fund in 2019 to invest in a real estate opportunity…

I had no portal

Knew no lawyers

And knew no banks that would be open to our fund

But I did have…

A couple of interested investors

A great investment opportunity

And a couple colleagues that also wanted to do the same thing!

The experience enabled me to leverage my experience managing Funds in the institutional space to manage my first fund of fund which has since sold and dissolved in 2021 after giving investors back their money with strong returns!

Despite my background and experience, I did not realize the need and desire for this knowledge until I was on calls with various operators and investors in the space and I heard their pain around launching and managing their funds.

From those conversations, this program was birth and further refined when I learned that…

-You want to learn what to do quickly

– You want a step by step process

– You want to know all the whos that can help you because you definitely don’t want to do Accounting and Administration work!



The Fund Manager Accelerator Crash Course

Taking you from Zero Fund Experience to being able to launch and run your own fund!

What’s Covered In The Course:

Funds have single handedly enabled me to get in the game and take investing in real estate to a new level! Are you ready for another level?

1. A step by step guide to creating your own fund

2. Overview of the Fund Setup process with the SEC Attorneys

3. Overview of all the Support Available to Fund Managers from all the portals, third-party administrators, and Tax CPAs.

4. DIY Accounting Support

5. Fund Alternatives Such as TribeVest and How it works!

6. Tons of bonus interview content & discounts to work with the various vendors

Ready to Learn, Implement and Launch Your Fund?