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You may have realized it already, but 2020 has undoubtedly been the biggest test of mindset for all of us. As we enter another year, it’s about time we level up our thoughts and change our lives for the better. Sitting down with host Lisa Hylton for this latest installment for The Mindset Series, the Life on Purpose Coach Mindi Huebner explains how our thoughts create our reality and how we can master those thoughts to create a better reality for ourselves. Are you ready to level up this 2021? Start by listening to this episode and taking away some gold nuggets to guide you through another year of opportunity.

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The Mindset Series – Leveling Up Your Thoughts To Change Your Life With Mindi Huebner

I am excited to bring you another amazing guest as a part of my series on exploring the impact mindset has on you achieving your goals, be it real estate, career, business, but most importantly, your ability to create the life that you truly want. On this episode, I am honored to have with me Mindi Huebner. Thank you for coming on the show.

Thank you so much. It’s my honor to be here. I am so excited to share with your readers how mindset is everything. I am super excited.

Can you please introduce yourself?

Yes, absolutely. I’m Mindi Huebner. I am a certified NLP practitioner, a clinical hypnotherapist. I have a million certifications for coaching, like silly fruit salad. For me, that was about getting more techniques, having more tools in the tool belt for my clients. I coach female entrepreneurs specifically to create massive change in their thoughts, habits, mindsets, and beliefs so that they can have the business and the life that they want.

For readers who are reading, you’re probably thinking, “Mindi, she’s not a typical real estate investor guest,” that I typically have on my show. Yes, that’s accurate. This episode is going to be focused on mindset. For me, you’re wondering, “Why do I need even consider mindset?” If you haven’t realized already, I definitely have experienced it where 2020 to me has been the biggest test for mindset and mental toughness and being able to still see opportunities despite so much going wrong in the world. There were pain and death and destruction and everything and being able to still find hope to continue to move forward. As this episode comes out in January of 2021, I hope that what you read on this episode helps you to start 2021 with more awareness about how your mindset could be impacting you and the opportunities that you see and don’t see that might be right in front of you. To get started, can you talk a little bit about from a mindset perspective, the impact of mindset you’ve seen personally with your clients and impacting going forward for 2021?

Our thoughts create feelings, emotions, beliefs that create us to take action and/or inaction and that get us our results. Our thoughts create our reality because our reality is our results. When we’re always winning the game that we’re playing. For looking around and our reality, our results are not what we say we want. We get to reverse engineer all the way back to, “What am I thinking? What is my mindset about this?” We’re always wanting to gain we’re playing. If we’re playing the game of, “I’m so stressed out. There are no opportunities, no money. There’s nothing on the market.” Whatever that thought process is going on, you win. You’re that powerful.

When we can go back to, “Since what I focus on grows and I want to focus on seeing the opportunities, who do I get to be to see the opportunities?” The other thing about mindset is the way your brain works is it will not let in your brain deletes distorts and generalizes. If your belief is 2020 is the worst and it’s never going to get better, the only things that your brain will allow in are all the things that support that belief. It will be very difficult to see things that discount that belief, things that show you the opposite of that. When we have a belief like that, a belief that things can’t turn around that everything sucks. Whatever that belief is, we get to then unpack that belief, bust that belief, bring it out into the daylight to show it for what it is. A lie. Something that no longer serves us, something that someone else spoke over us.

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I bet your audience has people in their lives like we all do, who go, “What do you mean you’re going to do real estate?” They’re like a lead balloon. They are not supportive at all. That’s where we get a lot of our beliefs from. If someone has spoken over, “You’re not smart enough, you’re not worthy enough. You’re not capable enough to do this, to invest in real estate, to make your mark this way,” then that’s our internal representation and all the thoughts come in, they bolster that. That’s the truth. I love this image of dragging this lie out into the light, giving it a big kick so that the daylights on it. We start asking ourselves questions about it, “Is this true? Do I believe this? Whose belief is this anyway?” The biggest question to ask is, “What is this belief protecting me from?”

That connects with my next question to you, which was some of the key mindset tips that someone can employ on breaking down from daily, weekly to monthly. If you could break into that a little bit further in terms of some of the things that people could employ to help them with their mindset.

The belief busting that we talked about is vital. This is a tool that you can use all the time. Anytime something comes up in you because your thoughts create your feelings that create your beliefs, which is your identity. If you’re a real estate investor at your identity, you’re going to make choices and have actions and outcomes that support being a real estate investor. When our identity is not in alignment with who we say we want, that’s where we get to bust those beliefs a way to move closer to that identity when that’s who we want to step into is to do what I call a mental rehearsal. Olympic athletes do this.

Michael Phelps won a gold medal couple of years ago, swimmer. He had mentally rehearsed his race over and over again in his head so many times. When the race came and he got water in his goggles, it didn’t matter because his body and his mind already knew exactly what to do and what the outcome was. The outcome was a gold medal. That’s everything. Mentally rehearsing those states that you want to be, feeling it, tasting it, smelling it, and what does it sound like. Taking it all in then to see yourself in that identity and walking through your day, walking through that meeting that you’re going to, that Zoom call with a perspective, all of those things. See yourself there because our brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. If we envision it, if we visualize it and imagine it, then the brain also releases some of that fear of stepping into a new situation.

This here is so powerful. I want to add to it. As someone reading, you can use this as you in your career or as an entrepreneur building a business or maybe that’s that entrepreneur that’s building a real estate business. Either you’re looking for that next promotion at your job or you’re building your business and you’re seeing different ways you could monetize your business or grow into different markets. From the real estate point of view, you’re an active investor and you’re raising money, envisioning that you’re going to be able to raise the million dollars or envisioning that you’re going to be able to find the 100-unit apartment buildings and the partners to do it with. All of this stuff are so intertwined. I hope that each person that is reading, can see themselves being able to do this process

In NLP, we call it an outcome as opposed to a goal. An outcome is the result of the actions that we take every time. We can set goals all day long, sometimes we achieve them and sometimes we don’t. We always get an outcome. To master our outcomes, we get to get real clear on our why. Why am I investing in this particular property? Why do I want the identity of a why? Go to your why to make it meaningful. If we have the outcome of buying a 100-unit yet our why we’re not super tied to it. It’s not like our everything for the actions are more difficult to achieve.

When we’re all into our why, we can see what’s going to happen when we buy the building. We can see ourselves toasting with our partner or whatever that celebration is that looks like we act as if already. That’s how we step into that mindset too. I already own 100-unit buildings. I already make these amazing deals. We be, do, have. We act as if we are that person and we say the things that that person says. Do the actions that that person would do. They would pick up the phone without a thought. They would set the meeting. They would have the conversation. They wouldn’t talk themselves out of those things.

LUR 61 | Level Up Your Thoughts

Level Up Your Thoughts: Whenever we have a belief that things can’t turn around for the better, we need to unpack it, bust it, bring it out into the daylight to show it for what it really is – a lie.


I was in sales for years and years. They wouldn’t talk themselves out of those things. When we embody it, when we act as if, and when we do the actions, we have the results. We have the building, we have the call, we have the meeting, and we have the financing coming through when we set ourselves up for success that way. When we take it all in with all of our senses, smell it, taste it, see it, hear it, and feel it inside your body. That makes it even bigger. That gets us into the state. If you’re familiar with Tony Robbins, when he said, “It’s changed your state,” change your state into that successful investor, making that call doing that deal.

Can you talk a little bit more about getting into that state? Some people probably don’t even know about getting into that state.

I’m going to take a spin on it from Tony because this will be even more for you. You get to use an internal resource of your own and you get to tap into that internal resource. Asking yourself, “Can I think of a time when I was super successful? Something that I did, hit every mark and I felt amazing.” Yes, I can think of a time. “Can I think of a specific time that time, even if it was when I ran a marathon and I did whatever that feeling of ultimate success and confidence that you want to tap into? I can think of a specific time.” Now, think about what I heard, what I saw, what I felt and bring that in and fully embody it, you’re in that state. There you are. You can pull that state right in and you can take that state to setting up the meeting, to making the phone call, and to asking for investors. Whatever the action steps are that you want to take but you get into the state of success, confidence limitlessness and then you go and do the things that you want to do.

I love it because it’s that energy that attracts the things that you want to come to you. It’s so powerful. Can we talk a little bit about sometimes how people underestimate the power of mindset? How that can impact them when you’re not fully aware that how powerful it is?

These are the habits that we fall into and one of the habits can be, “This is all there is. I’m a mediocre investor. I do okay but I’ll never be as great as Lisa.” This is a mindset that’s stopping us. Whatever we aspire to that person that inspires us. It’s a habit. Our brains are wired. That negativity is Velcro and optimism is Teflon. The positive side slides off. We get to learn and it’s a practice doing the inner work to seek the good, for lack of a better word, to notice when those thoughts are coming up. It’s like, “This is it how it is.” It’s not that way for Lisa. It’s not that way for me. It’s not that way for other people that I see. Is it how it is? It’s questioning those beliefs but choosing to be in tune with them. The easiest way to get in tune is to look around your life. Where are you having the results that you want and where aren’t you? It’s easy to look at.

Even if you looked at your health or a relationship or personal finances. We can look at any of those things and look at what the reality is and say, “How much nurturing have I been doing in here? What thoughts am I thinking about it? What words am I speaking over it? What actions or inactions am I taking in this?” We know when a relationship goes bad, it’s half us. Where didn’t I? If I say I want to work out every day but I’m not setting that space to work out, I’m not clearing the clutter so that I can work out. I’m not making it a priority. Why not? Asking ourselves, “What do I want to achieve? What do I want to avoid? What’s an action that will do both? What will help me achieve what I want and avoid what I don’t want?” It’s one aligned action.

If I want to buy a 100-unit building and I want to avoid being broke, then an action that I can take is picking up the phone and making a connection. An action that I can take that moves me closer to what I want to achieve. I want to move away from what I want to avoid. What aligned action can I take that will do both of those things? No action will always keep me closer to what I want to avoid. Not taking any action at all will always keep me closer to the pain that I say I don’t want to, the situation that I say I don’t want. Getting that momentum going and you already have all the answers inside you. Everyone reading, you’re magic. You are magical. You have everything that you need inside of you. You are capable. You do have the ability and you are worthy. You’re worth it. You’re worth it to have a successful real estate business. You deserve this. If your mindset is thinking like, “I want this but do I deserve it,” getting in touch with that and doing that inner work because you do. You deserve happiness and success in your life. Everyone does.

Another last item that I wanted to explore with you regarding mindset is when bad things or things that aren’t undesirable happen and being able to invoke that mindset to think about things in a different way, in a different perspective. To use those things to be a reason for the change and to create beautiful new beginnings for yourself, can you talk about the journey towards doing that for people who might be in that situation?

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You said it beautifully and all that I would want to add to that is what learnings can I take from this? What lesson is there that I get to now take this learning, take this lesson, and apply it in the future, apply it to every situation in the future? We call it a reframe as well. We’re not talking about spiritual bypassing. We’re not talking about not feeling the feelings. When bad stuff happens, it happens, and we get to feel bad about bad stuff happening. We then get to also say, “Now is this staying feeling bad serving me? Is this moving me closer to what I want? Is it moving me farther away from what I don’t want or is it keeping me stuck? Is it keeping me in a place of inaction and indecision?”

There’s no momentum there. Nothing ever happens in that place. We stay there. Asking ourselves, “This happened. I didn’t love it now, what? How do I get to grow from this? What do I get to take from this?” I don’t know if your readers caught this at all, but the words that we use help or hinder our mindset, and I will 99.9% of the time, use the words get to. You get to change your situation. You get to be an amazing investor. You get to shift your mindset. Not you need to, not you should, not should. There’s no should. Not have to. This is a choice. Your entire life is a choice. There’s one thing that you can control out of everything and that’s you. That’s how you show up. When you show up as the person, the investor, the entrepreneur who gets to have happiness and success, who gets to find the amazing deals, who gets to enrich their life and others, everything changes.

This is such an amazing episode. Thank you, Mindi, for coming on. I appreciate it. At this point, I’m going to end the show here with my level up questions that I asked all my guests. The first one is, what are you grateful for in your life now?

Everything. I live in perpetual gratitude and have, since my early twenties, realized that’s how I lived my life. I am perpetually a silver lining seeker and I am truly grateful. Not necessarily for the bad things but what can come from them, who I get to become in them, all of that. I’m truly grateful.

What would you say has attributed to your success and continuous growth?

Doing the inner work. We run away from the interaction. I can do all the actions on the outside. I can make all the calls. I can set up all the meetings. I can line up all the financing. I can find all the buildings. If I have not done the inner work to be the worthy, successful, to believe that in my identity, that energy comes through, those deals fall through. I may get some, but I won’t get that. It changes everything. When we do the inner work, it comes through on the outside. We literally attract the buildings. We attract the networking, the people that will help us, and that we can help when we have done that inner work.

This is another question that’s not a part of my questions but I wanted to ask because you mentioned that you specifically work with female entrepreneurs. Can you talk a little bit about the intersection of female entrepreneurs and mindset and why you’ve chosen this particular group and maybe a message to them specifically here before we end this?

LUR 61 | Level Up Your Thoughts

Level Up Your Thoughts: You have everything that you need inside. You are capable, you have the ability and you are worthy.


They are my heart and passion. I believe every woman deserves a champion. Many of us didn’t have one growing up. Someone who not only was always in our corner and supporting us, but they were there for accountability. They were there for tough love. A champion holds the space for your limitlessness. This is what I do for all the clients that work with me. I’m doing it for your audience now, holding the space for their limitlessness. I believe in them. Many women either didn’t feel that they had that in their lives or did not have that in their lives. That is why my heart is for them to shift that worthiness factor. Many women believe that everyone else should come first. I take a hard line about, “If you’re not first, then everything else is not good.”

If you’re not coming from your best, then how can you give your best? Shifting that perspective for women that ultimately self-care is not selfish. When I say self-care, I don’t mean manicures and that stuff. It’s doing the inner work, the meditation, the eating so that you’re at your best so that your brain is focused, clear and you can make those intentional decisions, “Is this the best deal? Did I hook up with the right people? Is this property the right one?” When we’re clear because we’ve taken the time to clear out the inner garbage because we’re nourishing ourselves because we’re getting sleep. Society teaches women typically that we’re supposed to be all things to all people. Once we figure out that we get to be our best to us, all things get really clear about what is important and what isn’t important. We get to show up truly at our best giving our best.

When people show up at their best, it’s so much more powerful than when you’re getting half of a person. Touching on the inner work, for my readers, that is the reason the month of January is focused on mindset because I feel like if you don’t get the mindset sorted, you’re not going to be able to build anything for a long-term period of time. You could probably get it done in the short-term but eventually, you’re going to have to come back and address these things. Taking the time to do that is super important. The last question for you is what do you now know that you wish you knew at the beginning of your journey? For you, that could be your mindset journey, your life journey, however.

What I now know, I know how the brain works, how it’s wired, and through using NLP and hypnosis, how we can shift everything to create the reality that we want. Had I known then what I know now, I have no regrets. I led a very large sales team. I had a big team for many years in sales. Had I known these brain-based techniques that I could have imparted to them so that they knew their limitlessness. I’m so glad I’m here now to know these things, to be able to share these things, learning. It’s constant growth. When we do that, we can’t go wrong. Each time we learn something new, we can’t go wrong.

If my readers would learn more about you, what is the best way they can do to get in touch with you?

I’m on Instagram and Facebook, @MindiHuebner. If you go to my website though, I have a gift that I am sure that they will love and it’s a guided meditation that’s a mental rehearsal. It’s a free guided mental rehearsal envisioning themselves as their best selves going through their day. It’s the perfect way to start your day with that mindset of, “I can do anything and I’m awesome.”

Everyone needs that even more so in 2021, for sure. Thank you, Mindi, for coming on the show. It was so good. There was so much good information here and I’m sure it’s going to add a lot of value to a lot of amazing people. Thank you.

Thank you.

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