Level Up Real Estate Investing with Lisa Hylton

Investing to Grow Wealth
& Legacy through Real Estate


My mission with this platform is to educate, Inspire and provide opportunities
for people around the world to invest in Real Estate.

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Who is Lisa Hylton ?

Lisa Hylton is a business professional with 13 years of experience in the financial services industry of which the last 3 have been focused on working being a controller on funds that invest in real estate. Lisa also grew up in a real estate investing family.

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Our Mission

To provide exposure and education to the different ways one can play in real estate

To inspire you to take action and create the life you truly desire

To provide opportunities to invest in real estate

To provide you opportunities to network with other like mind people via cash flow game afternoons, meet ups, conferences etc.

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Why teach/help people?

I enjoy helping and contributing positively to the lives of the people around me. Whether it is real estate, fitness, personal development or advice to take a career or business move I am generally the person friends call because I like breaking down options and diving deep into our drivers and desires. During my professional career I have enjoyed being a coach for others and taught numerous audit courses for new and experienced staff. It all came naturally.

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My Commitment and Values:


I invest for preservation of capital and cash flow.


I invest to improve communities and make them better than when I arrived.


I value integrity, consistency and transparency.


I commit to doing the right things all the time and not just when it is easy.


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