The Level Up REI Podcast

The Level Up REI Podcast

The Level Up REI Podcast

LUR Antoine | Turnkey And Multifamily Investments
July 14, 2020

Turnkey And Multifamily Investments With Antoine Martel

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  Born in Toronto and raised in San Francisco, Antoine Martel started investing in real estate while he was still in college. Since then,
LUR James | Investing In Multifamily
July 7, 2020

A Deep Dive Into A 330% Investment Return With James Kandasamy

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  The multifamily space has always been a prime space to look at. Since the middle of the recession, apartments have been booming, and
June 23, 2020

Building A Seven-Figure Real Estate Business From Scratch With Whitney Nicely

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  Fortune favors the bold, or in this case, the witty. They don’t call Whitney Nicely the REI Queen of East Tennessee for nothing. Starting
LUR Michael | 1031 Exchanges
May 26, 2020

Exploring 1031 Exchanges With The 1031 Exchange Guys, Michael Brady And Alex Shandrovsky

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  While taxes are an integral part of owning a certain property, they are, naturally, one of the parts that property owners like the least.
LUR Etienne | Real Estate Industry
April 21, 2020

Finding Your Niche In The Real Estate Game With Étienne Martel

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  The real estate industry is a lot more diverse than people tend to give it credit for, which is because the public faces