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LUR 143 | Group Investing
November 8, 2022

How Group Investing Benefits Passive Investors With Left Field Investors Founder Jim Pfeifer

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  Passive investing is one of the most effective ways to build wealth while maintaining a full-time career. And
LUR 142 | Mobile Home Parks
November 1, 2022

Passive Income Through Mobile Home Parks With Christopher Nelson

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  Have you heard of a 92% collection rate on rent with investors getting 10% type cash on
LUR 141 | Angel Investing
October 25, 2022

Understanding Angel Investing And Working For Equity With Natalie Levy Of She’s Independent

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  The economy has shifted where it offers more than basic investment opportunities. You can now diversify your portfolio
LUR 137 | Asset Protection
September 27, 2022

Asset Protection While Investing In Real Estate With Clint Coons

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  As an entrepreneur, you want a stable cash flow to provide your loved ones with a comfortable life.
LUR 136 | Women Real Estate Investors
September 20, 2022

Building A Community Of Women Real Estate Investors With Liz Faircloth

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  Investing with your significant other is fantastic. Though you have different personalities, it is essential to
LUR 135 | Due Diligence
September 13, 2022

Mark Shuler On How To Do Due Diligence On Multifamily Opportunities In This Economic State

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  The market has become more challenging compared to the last six months. Rising interest rates and valuation becoming
LUR 133 | Multifamily
August 9, 2022

Grow Your Multifamily Investments Without The Hassles Of Being A Landlord With Lead Sponsor Rebecca Moore

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  Multifamily assets are a popular investment choice for many reasons. They offer many advantages other commercial real estate property
LUR 132 | Remote Real Estate Investing
July 12, 2022

Unlocking Your Financial Goals By Investing In Real Estate Remotely With Sarah Weaver

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  Who says you can’t have fun while doing real estate investing? Our guest in this episode
LUR 131 | Financial Freedom
July 5, 2022

From Math Teacher To Achieving Financial Freedom Through Real Estate With Sia Senior

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  What could start as a side hustle could become your gateway to financial freedom. Sia Senior is
LUR 129 Amanda | Passive Investing
June 21, 2022

Amanda Han On Investing Passively In Real Estate And Its Impact On Our Tax

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  It’s the time of the year when we talk about our tax situation, significantly if we passively
LUR 127 | Rebirth Story
June 7, 2022

Mike Morawski: An Amazing Rebirth Story In Real Estate

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  Jumping back after losing everything is easier said than done, but never impossible. Mike Morawski proves how
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