5 Truths About Entrepreneurship That are Hardly Spoken About

Building a business will be one of the most exhilarating things you will ever do but it will push your limits.

And that is a part of the process.

Be prepared to want to give up, be on cloud 9 and in the depths of the valley all in the same day.

It is normal and critically important to take breaks, ask what is my best next move, and intentionally set time to build relationships with others at all stages of the process.

Being around people also building enables you to pour into others and others to pour into you.

None the less here are the 5 truths that are rarely spoken about but will be critical to your success:

Growth Mindset

Embarking on entrepreneurship means that you have accepted the challenge to grow.

Nothing about this journey is perfect. There are no predesigned steps. What might work for someone isn’t guaranteed to work for you.

Hence, don’t let the imperfect nature of the journey stop you from getting started. Especially when coming from the corporate environment – where there is no room for error only perfection. You will have to shed that.

One of my favorite books on this topic is Mindset by Carol S. Dweck if you need a deeper exploration of fixed and growth mindsets.

Discover who you really are

For many of us, the narrative was to go to college, pick a major, and then find a good company that will pay us money.

Very quickly you seek to conform to be like and better than the crowd in order to compete and get ahead.

Uniqueability is overpowered by relentlessly working on all your weaknesses and shortcomings.

It is said, “Everyone is born a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.

Make the time and financial investment to find out what your strengths and natural ways of building wealth are and then double down and get really good at your strengths.

Some of my favorite resources on this topic are the Wealth Dynamics test, The Millionaire Master Plan, and the Strengths Finder test.

You must build teams

Oh boy have I struggled in this area.

I love my freedom – like the South loves college football on Saturdays.

While this can fly in corporate America, in the world of entrepreneurship and business all successful businesses are built and thriving because of teams.

The good news is that “discovering who you are” will massively speed up the process of you building teams.

Even if you are a freedom loving person like me you can still build teams of people around you that complement your strengths, weaknesses, and values.

By knowing what works and doesn’t work for you enables you to communicate clearly and connect the people and opportunities that make the most sense.

Add massive value

Approach every encounter from a place of how can I add value to this person and every offering in your business from how does this offering adds value to other people.

Must add value is one of the values of The Go Giver book by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

Never stop moving forward

In a speech I love to listen to from Oprah she noted that she asks herself at pivotal points in life “what is my best next move and then go do it”.

Listen it is literally impossible to connect the dots of your journey out into the future.

But whenever I look back I can always (though sometimes it takes time) see how each experience has helped me to get where I am now.

So when you get stuck know that two things are happening – you are up leveling which will always feel uncomfortable and secondly, you have to keep moving forward, and the best way to do so is tapping into your inner knowing.

After all – this is your journey and not someone else’s.

We are all here on a mission to discover what we were created to help bring to the world.

Don’t dim your light – shine and let people find sunshades.

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About the Author

Lisa is the CEO of Lisahylton.com, a real estate company that helps entrepreneurs invest in tax-efficient real estate investments. At Lisahylton.com, Lisa and her team focus on buying apartments with investors and shares the profits. This strategy enables her investors to build wealth and passive income through investing in conservative, high-quality multifamily assets.

Lisa is the host of the Level Up REI podcast where she interviews real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners to share their stories and experiences building businesses and investing in real estate. After a decade of working in the financial services industry, Lisa found investing passively in real estate syndications and was intrigued by the business opportunity to invest in real estate while also providing the opportunity to others to do the same along with her.

You can learn more about passively investing in high-quality multifamily assets that provide cash flow and strong returns at www.LisaHylton.com.

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